dining room: frame wall

The frame wall is finally "done". I wish pictures in this room came out better ... there is very little light. 
It took awhile to find a good combination of old/new/family/us pictures and art. My sister made the cross stitch ... which totally makes it.
*I blurred the bottom right picture


frame wall: glitter tape

I may be crazy, but I'm obsessed with this. That tape. That perfect shiny glittery tape. After I carefully pealed it off the box, it got a place of honor on the frame wall (which is really coming along!). Now I can stare at it whenever I want.

Sorry for the bad photo ... dark room + artificial light + reflective frame = very bad.


sunroom: office update

The office is looking much more like ...well, an office. I spend so much time in here now. Still to do: find a desk lamp, pot the orchid for heaven's sake, buy another white chair (this one is from the dining room) or find a new one?
The poster is from Pop Chart Lab (thanks mom & dad!).


sunroom: piano update

It feels like forever since our last post! We've been busy over here. I've never really gotten into "spring cleaning" because when spring hits we need to be outside. But there is something about a new year (and cold weather) that makes us want to clean and donate everything we don't use. We've also been working on the molding around the stairs and the chalkboard doors(!). More on that later.
We got so many amazing house goodies for Christmas. One being this "Home Sweet Home" banner we placed above the piano. The side-room is really coming along.

Banner from catbird.


snack: granola

This granola is no joke. We are pretty serious about granola (especially Josh) and both said this is the best we have ever had. Every recipe that I've tried from Honest Fare has been amazing. Such an inspiring place to get meal ideas.

We had enough granola for a bowl for snacking and filled two large jars (I froze one of them).


new year, new curtains

Finally, curtains for the sunroom that we like and I didn't even have to sew them. Can't wait to take better pictures!


2011: highs

So 2011 was a big year. Most importantly, we found our third family member. We are those people now... totally obsessed with our dog. We've been realizing how content we are with just the three of us. Seriously, this guy takes cuddling to a whole new level. 

Also, I started this blog.
This is big for me because I have been wanting to write one for a few years and could never get myself to do it. As soon as I realized how important it was to me to document our life together and how far our  construction mess has come, it was so easy. I also got better with being okay with what I (we) like. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but that's okay.

I really like end-of-the-year posts that compile all the big moments of the year. As we are slowly working on this house, everything gets jumbled together in my mind and it's hard to remember all that was worked on the last twelve months.

Here are our 2011 highs:

Josh and Tim finished up the drywall and spackle in the side room. I love to hate caulk ... it makes everything look so nice but we were so unhappy working on this room. Thank god it's finished. We've decorated a bit since then but I like looking at this room as a blank slate.

Little office.

We finally installed the bubble chandelier.

Lots of cooking. This was by far the funnest to take pictures of.

ENJE roller blinds. So many people ask if we are going to put up curtains ... I just smile and wonder why someone would mess with perfection :).

Josh put up the living room shelves.

Georgetown cupcakes.

Drove over 44 hours and loved every hour. Seriously. We are so weird.

Which took us to this empty beach -- exactly the vacation we needed.

Utility closet -- shelves installed, caulked, painted, and contact papered.

Spices organized -- this has changed my life.

Coat hooks in the "black hole". So much more functional now.

After 2 years, we decided on a rug.

I started messing around with my dad's old Nikon film camera and got hooked.

Easy-to-make yarn wreath decked out for the holidays.

Giving an old mirror a second wind.

Lotta Jansdotter's stencils -- my first stenciling attempt.

Toilet paper art.

Added some much-needed privacy by using window frosting.

The radiator is white ... don't worry, I didn't spray paint all over the wood floor or anything (!).

And last but not least, our new family. Can't imagine life without him.

Wishing you a happy and creative 2012!