glitter tape

Would it be wrong to skip the wrapping paper for this sparkle tape? It looks like it floated down from heaven. Seriously, would the wrapping be missed?

Ps. This is what came in the box with the sparkle tape. They are pretty amazing too. Thanks Mom!


snow globes by auntie lin

My Auntie Lin made us these snow globes this Christmas -- it's safe to say that I am obsessed with them. Such a beautiful and sparkly idea! I also love that they aren't holiday specific ... so we can keep them out all winter. Thank you, Auntie Lin! Every time we look at them I will think of you and Uncle Bobby.


list-maker: december

We have a week off from work. I really struggle with time off ... we are usually happier when there's a schedule. I either work non-stop on house things and never actually "recharge" or spend a day slowly working on silly things and then feel unproductive. So this holiday break is about balance. And because balance doesn't come naturally, we have to plan it out. We promised each other at least one night out alone and a few other get togethers with family and friends. The rest of the time will be spent walking the dog and sticking to the list. 

- paint pantry and bathroom doors
- paint stairs
- install molding along stairs
- clean out guest bedroom
- take everything to goodwill
- laundry & reorganize the laundry room
- IKEA to get frames and curtains
- hang frames and curtains
- install drawers into 2 of the kitchen cabinets

We'll see how it goes!


gift wrap: josh's take

Josh takes wrapping to a whole new level. He made these cinnamon ornaments at school and made a few extra with gift wrap in mind (I know, right?). I would have never thought to use it as a bow -- love this man. We are totally doing this for all our gifts next year.


december: the canal

We live one street over from the canal to the Schuylkill River. Even though I don't walk here alone anymore (read: mom and dad), I feel lucky to have it in our backyard. 
The canal association hosts a holiday luminaria ... so pretty. We missed the rest of the town ... but I'd say it was worth it. 



Wrapping is the best part in my book. It goes hand-in-hand with our obsession with packaging. 

Every year we stick with the same rules:
1. Keep it simple. Super simple.
2. Make it look special by using unexpected colors (I don't think we have ever used red and green).
3. Make your own labels or buy plain ones. This year we got labels from the Martha Stewart line at Michael's. They were the same price as tags from Target.


dinner: bread

My mom always does most of the cooking -- with my dad as sous chef. 
But dad makes the bread ... and it is amazing. 


around town: soltane

If ever in Phoenixville, we highly recommend picking up some bread from Soltane. Soltane is a community in Camphill (serving people with developmental disabilities) -- and the bakery if staffed by bakers and baristas from Campill Soltane. The breads are made with organic and whole grain ingredients in a wood-fired oven.
They. Are. So. Good.


holiday decorating: our take

This is actually the first year we have really decorated in this house. The first year was ... well ... you know. Presents were opened in our bed -- it was the only "safe place". Last year we had just finished the kitchen and the rest of the first floor was a disaster.
Needless to say, this year feels amazing. We have a little guy running around the house ... good smells coming from the kitchen ... it's clean (no construction dust) ... home.
It's probably no surprise that when it comes to holiday decorating we don't really like "country crafty" things ... hold the snowmen please. Unless the snowman is sitting in a mid century rocker.

A little holiday pizzaz to the simple wreath

The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree always holds our favorite ornament. This tree came from an Urban Outfitters sample sale when I used to work there ... it was $1. 

Last year my Mom gave us a few vintage ornaments -- this one's my favorite. 

(Hate this bookshelf. We have big plans for this spot.)

A modern take on the window sill candle-light.

I just found this candle dish at IKEA .

These wooden snowflakes came from Hipster Home. Originally down the street from us, they just moved the store to Chestnut Hill. Dave and Lindsay are not only some of the nicest people you will meet ... they make things look magical (go to their store ... you'll know what I mean). By far one of our favorite stores.
(Yes ... that is a gross dog bone in the picture).

Happy decorating!