around town

Sometimes I feel like I'm on vacation in my own town.
All we have to do is walk ten minutes and boom ... we're there. Happy hour and nachos and hazelnut truffles and cute dog park friends and beer and farmers' markets and shops and home. I don't say it enough -- I love our town.

I should also note that we just got back from Florida -- I'm slightly depressed -- leaving was really hard. I'm trying to focus on what I have and love here. 


yellow owl workshop

The perfect gift from a friend that knows me all too well. And yes, I am already dreaming about holiday wrapping.


happy summer

Happy summer & tape. You can find the free printable for the Ice Cream Tags here. The washi tape can be shipped directly from heaven.


weekend: 30

This past weekend we celebrated my parents 30th anniversary. Luckily, we have a photographer in our family and he took family pictures (see last two pictures) of us at the Asbury Park Boardwalk. It was the perfect night. We ended it at one of our favorite restaurants.
I hope my parents know how special they are to us. Wow ... 30 years.

These last pictures were taken by Devin Peppler -- Devin Peppler Photography


dining room: shelves

Josh built these shelves for my birthday <3. Our old IKEA bookshelf was slowly driving me crazy ... with the ugliness and all. The dining room is feeling more intentional now.
I still need to fill up the shelves with the right stuff. For now this will do.
Please excuse the pictures (bad light).


flower jars

I've had these jars from Oh Happy Day on the brain for awhile now. Good thing one of my best friends was having a shower! :)
We stopped by the farmer's market for the flowers ... if only every morning could start out like this.



Last week we celebrated four years. It all started in West Chester, so we usually end up there when May 31st rolls around. 

I'm not really sure where I'd be without this guy.

Ps. Sushi was made with tofu ... not fish. It was just as good!