in between

I know it seems like we've been slacking on house projects, but there are actually a few little projects in the works:
- landscaping the backyard 
- creating some sort of living space on the deck
- finishing up a new book shelf Josh built (!)
- figuring out what the heck to do with our bedroom
- LEARNING HOW TO USE MY NEW CAMERA (because I have no idea what the f I'm doing)

Of course we've been distracted by end-of-the-year shenanigans, bikes, and birthdays (an amazing one ... thanks to amazing people in my life). 



Believe it or not, our yard is the reason we bought the house. The number one thing Josh and I have in common is we live to be outside. Since buying our place almost three years ago, we have done the bare minimum to improve/keep up with the yard. It was pretty bad. The deck was used as a workspace with construction materials and a perpetual layer of sawdust. 
Now that we are (pretty much ... but not really) done with the first floor it's time to get on the outdoor space. So that's what we did the entire weekend -- it felt so good. We scrubbed everything down, trimmed a gazillion plants, weeded (to an extent ... not even close to being done), and set-up a table/chairs set on the deck. It probably sounds weird, but we feel so much better. 

Seriously, life is totally about the little things. 


dessert: cupcakes

When times get really tough I head for chocolate chips and peanut butter. And by chocolate chips and peanut butter I mean I actually dip each chocolate chip into a container of peanut butter.
When times aren't tough and I have a few hours free, we bake these. Barefoot Contessa you get me every. time.

Also, about the gold sprinkles... I think they should go on everything.
Double also, these are even better the next day fresh out of the fridge.


weekend: art star craft bazaar

Saturday was our definition of a perfect day: 
Philadelphia, good friends, ridiculous brunch, 80 degrees, and the Art Star Craft Bazaar.