It's Saturday and we have a long list of to-do's. Tomorrow is Josh's birthday (yay!) so I'm trying to finish up a few things and attempt to get the front flower bed's under control. The front bed has been completely empty since last summer -- yes, you read that right, EMPTY. The other flower bed is covered in weeds. I'm not sure why the neighbors don't hate us ... 
Last weekend we just went for it. Josh had been wanting to buy native plants and lucky enough there's a native plant nursery near his school. 
This nursery wasn't like any I have seen -- when you walk in the plants look how they should look in March... no color and kind of boring. The owner helped us pick 3 plants (3 each) and gave us advice on the arrangement. I can't wait to get them in the ground! If you live in the area I highly recommend Red Bud Nursery. It totally makes sense to use native plants, right? We learned that some tropical plants can really throw off the ecosystem and attract some crazy bugs.

Saturday To-Do:
- weed front bed (small)
- drop off clippings at compost 
- dog park
- get mulch
- put mulch on front flower beds
- food shop
- bake cake
- make guacamole
- finish laundry


yogurt bottle

Spring has totally sprung and now I can use my new yogurt bottle vase (thanks, Kaitlin!). I'm obsessed with it -- the color, the shape. I look at it constantly.
This winter we really caught the purging bug. More than ever, we are craving to live with less. Also, the "less" must be beautiful. I find myself looking at every shelf, every drawer, every closet, and wanting to simplify. The world outside is such a hectic place that I want our home to be calm. 



Winter has been bad on the blog. Even though this winter was amazingly mild, I'm so much less inspired and/or motivated to do anything. But now the windows are open and this is my time. There is so much on our minds -- gardens, a fence, a 1/2 bath. 

We have been dreaming of living somewhere (read: warmer) else for awhile. Nothing that would happen for another few years, but it's fun to dream. Sometimes we can get ahead of ourselves -- so we are constantly reminding each other why we really do love where we live. 

Saturday mornings are easy. It sure would be hard to leave Soltane.


living room: frames

There are just two white frames above the couch. For a year they stayed empty -- two frames are tricky. It would look weird to have two pieces of art next to each other -- would they match or be different/too busy? Would it be a photograph and art? Once again, too much visually. Nothing went together.

But then we became a family. We knew Sauce's PSPCA collar was special -- it stands for something. It symbolizes rescuing, not buying from a pet store. Everyone deserves a home -- that is why this collar is no longer on Sauce's neck. He wears our address instead.