It's Saturday and we have a long list of to-do's. Tomorrow is Josh's birthday (yay!) so I'm trying to finish up a few things and attempt to get the front flower bed's under control. The front bed has been completely empty since last summer -- yes, you read that right, EMPTY. The other flower bed is covered in weeds. I'm not sure why the neighbors don't hate us ... 
Last weekend we just went for it. Josh had been wanting to buy native plants and lucky enough there's a native plant nursery near his school. 
This nursery wasn't like any I have seen -- when you walk in the plants look how they should look in March... no color and kind of boring. The owner helped us pick 3 plants (3 each) and gave us advice on the arrangement. I can't wait to get them in the ground! If you live in the area I highly recommend Red Bud Nursery. It totally makes sense to use native plants, right? We learned that some tropical plants can really throw off the ecosystem and attract some crazy bugs.

Saturday To-Do:
- weed front bed (small)
- drop off clippings at compost 
- dog park
- get mulch
- put mulch on front flower beds
- food shop
- bake cake
- make guacamole
- finish laundry