entry: privacy please

Our porch is basically level to the road -- which I didn't mind until I realized that everyone could see perfectly into our front door! We didn't want to get a new door since this one gives the room lots of light (there's only one other window).

So we thought we'd give frosting a try.

Fast forward to me crying at 10:00 on a school night. There's definitely a technique for doing little windows and I didn't have it. So, Josh worked on it for two more nights and finally got it. We probably seem like the worst DIYers right now. Oh well.

Instant privacy!


sunroom: progress

Lots of progress on the sunroom. Really the only thing left to do is caulk/paint the molding and throw on some outlet covers. Then we'll move the piano in and pick up a desk. Happy days!

Thanks to our friends Dave and Dan for digging (literally) out the beautiful brick wall.

Would you just look at that radiator!? So pretty. Ignore the white pipe next to it... that will be gone and drywalled in at some point. We are just going to paint it white for now (and get rid of the rust spots with some sealer).

Trying to figure out what to do for window coverings -- I would normally just stick to my go-to IKEA roller blinds but the three windows will be tricky. I can't do floor-length curtains either since the radiator is directly under the front window. Decisions decisions...

Josh thought of reclaiming some of the old molding for the doorway. I think it'll look really nice!

utility closet: pretty much done

Caulking, painting the shelves 3 times, applying contact paper to shelves, and painting the walls took longer than I had expected!

Before: (after putting up the drywall and building the shelves)

Yay! Caulked, painted, and contact papered.

The contact paper is okay -- there weren't many choices but this one works.

Hooks from IKEA.

Josh pretty much built the shelves around the clear IKEA boxes.

The kitchen feels so much better now -- especially because we don't have a door on the closet yet ;).


kitchen details

My friend Katy got me this ceramic fruit crate for my birthday. Like I said, you have to focus on fun things like this to get you through a big renovation. It makes me smile every time I cook.


pantry: progress

Josh and Tim built these shelves in the pantry. This is really going to be an "all-purpose" closet since it is the only closet on the 1st floor. We have plenty of storage in the kitchen cabinets for food items. The holiday decorations, broom/mop, vacuum, coolers, etc., will live in here.

I've been working on caulking and painting the shelves during short breaks from working on the sunroom. Here's what I started with...

I'll post the after pictures soon. I've painted them but still have to put contact paper on the tops of the shelves. It looks really nice!

IKEA visit

Pretty much we think of every excuse to go to IKEA. It just makes us feel good. Especially when our house is a wreck and there is construction dust everywhere.

These are the things we are currently obsessing over:

This dresser... obviously. Just look at it.

This would be a perfect TV stand -- lots of room for the dvd player, cable box, printer, speaker, etc.

This frame could go over our piano. With something in it.

We will not be taking this home (just kidding, Emily!). Wine bottle is just an IKEA prop. I repeat, an IKEA prop.

Happy days.


dinner: hot truck tacos

I used to be afraid of cooking seitan. I would clearly eat it, but not cook it. Everything changed when my friend introduced me to these tacos. The seitan is marinated in beer, lime juice, chipotles and adobo, and then fried. You top it with potatoes marinated in this same sauce. Best dinner ever.

I think the recipe was originally from Vegetarian Times but you can also find it here.


gift tags

We spotted these Parcel Tags at Terrain and I had to file away the idea. I loovvvee them.

You can check out more of Knot & Bow's goodies at their Etsy Shop.


THE chair!

After tons of searching, I think we've found the perfect chair for the living room. We wanted something comfortable but not over-sized because the room is so small.

Introducing the Slipper Chair from West Elm:

I think I'm going to need that pillow too.


We just began a two week break. It feels great to have some time at home to get things done before summer school starts. At the same time it's very overwhelming -- huge projects staring at you all the time. It's tough to know where to start. We decided to keep our list short with a few large projects. That way we can feel good about what we accomplished on our "vacation" and not have ten uncrossed items on the to-do list at the end.

June Vacation To-Do:
Finish painting (walls, brick)
Trim windows
Trim doors
Floor molding
Paint all trim/molding
Clean sunroom
Move piano from dining room into sunroom
Fix sinkhole (yes, you read that right)
Trim vines by neighbor's fence

Under construction June 2010



Since I have been slacking on taking house pictures, even though so much has been done, it only seems right to post this on a rainy Sunday.



Right down the street from the most amazing veggie wings, you can find the most amazing veggie riblet sandwiches at A Full Plate.
So. Good.

date night

Our idea of "date night" :). The weather was so nice that it actually was pretty romantic! Our Grandparents gave us this mirror which used to be brass-colored. Will post the finished product soon... it looks so good!