one hundred

I've been absent here for awhile now ... it's because this is my 100th post. 
I had big plans. I wanted to do a big kitchen write-up. Exactly one year ago, on Thanksgiving 2010, was the first time we cooked in the kitchen after the 6-month (!) renovation. This was by far, the most heart and soul we (& our parents) have poured into a project here. We found things in those walls that I will never be able to forget (dramatic?). Now it is my favorite place in the house.
But to write a post I needed good pictures of the kitchen ... pictures I don't have. I needed perfect light ... and the window had to be washed ... and I still don't have that fruit bowl.
Anyways, I think our son (aka Trouble) deserves this one. I told Josh that we should eventually get a 4-legged playmate for Sauce and call it a day. 

He agreed.



Writing this post really doesn't help the Sunday Night Anxiety (medical term). Especially because this weekend was so fun and really flew by. 

It started with the Winter Art Star Craft Bazaar ... which ... was ... awesome. A Full Plate was there ... enough said.

Josh played with a coworkers husband's band on Saturday night for a fundraiser -- unfortunately all the pictures came out blurry. They were so great!

My sister reminded me how lucky college kids are because they have the super power of sleeping like 12 hours. 

Did you know dogs are allowed in Terrain? It made our day! Sauce met his first Chihuahua (since we adopted him) named Sadie. Then I mumbled something about Sadie and Sauce being best friends. This may or may not have creeped Sadie's mom out. 



I'm usually shopped and wrapped by the end of November. I have trouble enjoying the holidays if I'm not. My Mom is the same way... she even stashes little gifts aside throughout the year.
Last year we finished the kitchen the day before Thanksgiving ... and I didn't start shopping and planning until the day after. Big mistake. I was so run down by the holidays I got sick on Christmas and was miserable.
Some people can go shopping in December and have so much fun. I have trouble with that ... it stressed me out to no end. So needless to say, by October I had my list made and by now I am almost done ... and am having so much fun. I have the time to get creative with gifts.

Last night I spotted these felt balls at Anthropology. Aren't they sweet? I may string and hang them down from the side of a doorway. We'll see. 



It's not that I don't absolutely love where we live -- I could write all day about how much I love it.

The problem is I love the sun more. The warm ... close-up sun. As soon as November hits not a day goes by that I don't wish to move. It will probably never happen... but there's no harm in wishing. 

*Picture taken in Naples, FL. 


dinner: minestrone

For some reason I find it really difficult to find vegetarian slow-cooker recipes. Although this minestrone recipe requires a bit of chopping, it is so good. 

I still want to have a soup-making day ... wouldn't it be so nice to have a few soups on hand in the freezer for the winter?



Ok, I realize this "wreath" may not be everyone's cup of tea. But we love all things simple, streamline, and no frills. So you can imagine how difficult it was for me to find a non-disposable wreath we actually liked (besides the holiday tree trimmings wreath... who doesn't love those?). I mean, don't get me wrong ... Terrain had some amazing wreaths. But I didn't even want to spend $20 on it (cheap ... I know). Here's where my $8 homemade one comes in. I may add another color stripe for fun ...

There's really no instructions on how to make one -- just wrap yarn around a wreath base (I chose a textured base to it wouldn't look so straight).

*Please excuse my reflection in the window ... yes, it's a bathrobe. 


breakfast: baked oatmeal

Our friends made this Baked Oatmeal for us on Saturday. We are hooked.  
You can find their recipe here.


river trail

I often wish that we lived somewhere warm. But most of the time I'm glad to live here, despite the cold. It really is a great place. We live so close to the city but more importantly, right down the street from an amazing bike trail along the Schuylkill River. It's hard for me to believe how beautiful it is at times ... especially in the summer when there are swarms of fire flies. 
Last Friday we ran out the door with Sauce as soon as Josh got home from work. Such a great way to start the weekend. 


breakfast: huevos rancheros

One of the best breakfasts we've ever had: huevos rancheros from Honey's. There's a super long wait -- but seriously, it's totally worth it. Don't mess around... just order the huevos rancheros. And to make it even better you have to go with friends who love food just as much as you. Then you won't feel bad for eating the whole thing.