one hundred

I've been absent here for awhile now ... it's because this is my 100th post. 
I had big plans. I wanted to do a big kitchen write-up. Exactly one year ago, on Thanksgiving 2010, was the first time we cooked in the kitchen after the 6-month (!) renovation. This was by far, the most heart and soul we (& our parents) have poured into a project here. We found things in those walls that I will never be able to forget (dramatic?). Now it is my favorite place in the house.
But to write a post I needed good pictures of the kitchen ... pictures I don't have. I needed perfect light ... and the window had to be washed ... and I still don't have that fruit bowl.
Anyways, I think our son (aka Trouble) deserves this one. I told Josh that we should eventually get a 4-legged playmate for Sauce and call it a day. 

He agreed.

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