holiday decorating: our take

This is actually the first year we have really decorated in this house. The first year was ... well ... you know. Presents were opened in our bed -- it was the only "safe place". Last year we had just finished the kitchen and the rest of the first floor was a disaster.
Needless to say, this year feels amazing. We have a little guy running around the house ... good smells coming from the kitchen ... it's clean (no construction dust) ... home.
It's probably no surprise that when it comes to holiday decorating we don't really like "country crafty" things ... hold the snowmen please. Unless the snowman is sitting in a mid century rocker.

A little holiday pizzaz to the simple wreath

The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree always holds our favorite ornament. This tree came from an Urban Outfitters sample sale when I used to work there ... it was $1. 

Last year my Mom gave us a few vintage ornaments -- this one's my favorite. 

(Hate this bookshelf. We have big plans for this spot.)

A modern take on the window sill candle-light.

I just found this candle dish at IKEA .

These wooden snowflakes came from Hipster Home. Originally down the street from us, they just moved the store to Chestnut Hill. Dave and Lindsay are not only some of the nicest people you will meet ... they make things look magical (go to their store ... you'll know what I mean). By far one of our favorite stores.
(Yes ... that is a gross dog bone in the picture).

Happy decorating!