list-maker: december

We have a week off from work. I really struggle with time off ... we are usually happier when there's a schedule. I either work non-stop on house things and never actually "recharge" or spend a day slowly working on silly things and then feel unproductive. So this holiday break is about balance. And because balance doesn't come naturally, we have to plan it out. We promised each other at least one night out alone and a few other get togethers with family and friends. The rest of the time will be spent walking the dog and sticking to the list. 

- paint pantry and bathroom doors
- paint stairs
- install molding along stairs
- clean out guest bedroom
- take everything to goodwill
- laundry & reorganize the laundry room
- IKEA to get frames and curtains
- hang frames and curtains
- install drawers into 2 of the kitchen cabinets

We'll see how it goes!


  1. Thanks for penciling us into your Tuesday space. We loved being with you three!!

  2. you are penciled into all the calendar spaces!!!!