In an effort to be thrifty (read: cheap), we jumped the band wagon and started making our own detergent. Borax, one of the three ingredients, is pretty controversial. Our research deemed it safe (it is a natural ingredient) and please ... bleach is still on store shelves. Borax is the least of my worries.
The clothes smell fresh (almost lemon-y) when in the washer. They smell clean but unscented when taken out of the dryer -- perfect! 
And wow ... we are saving so much money by using this stuff. You only need 1 tablespoon for a large load of laundry!

We followed the recipe/directions from Yellow Brick Home (I'm obsessed with this blog. I want a Sauce portrait so bad!)


  1. I used to use Borax when Katie had cloth diapers and loved it. I will definetly try ur recipe. Esp. with the price of laundry detergent!!

  2. That's so neat! I'm sure it worked great on cloth diapers!!!

  3. Our natural health store in Coopersburg sells an all natural organic detergent by bulk -- just bring in your empty container and refill it from the big dispenser. Really love the stuff, but I have been seriously tempted to make our own.