a year's end

I can't jump into the new year without taking a minute to talk about 2013. It was one of the most significant years for us.
Last winter I was sick of complaining and (we) knew it was just time to go for it. 2013 was the year of selling the house, quitting our jobs, and moving to the tropics. It was the best thing we could have done.
Moving was so empowering, that this year I stopped worrying so much about pleasing people, obsessing over "doing the right thing", and made leaps and bounds to live unapologetic-ally. I'm not trying to say that I'm trying to live like an asshole, but realizing that our happiness comes first, so that we can really love other people and make them feel great.
All in all, I've let things roll off my back way more. This is huge for me. If someone was upset with me (personally or professionally), I would obsess over it and get so upset. I was so afraid of doing something wrong! Now, I'm less hard on myself. In general I just don't care that much. Mistakes happen ... conflict is normal ... it is all apart of being human. And I need to just roll with it.
This biggest thing I have learned is that happiness is within reach. Always move towards what you want. I always thought that reaching for things was a sign of not being content. This is so not true ... we learn as we get older and I can always make my (our) life better. It has been so amazing to watch Josh here -- he is so happy, too. I feel like we are "back".
Our jobs are stressful. Really stressful. But I can leave, roll my windows down, and put on a good song. We can come home and go on a run. Meals are eaten outside. Life is lived outside ... which means the world to us. Thank you 2013 for teaching us so much. We will never forget ya.


  1. It does a Moms heart good to see her child have a dream and be able to make it happen. I am so HAPPY because you and Josh are so HAPPY!!

  2. Rock on Laura and Josh! xoxo