ENJE roller shade

Over the past 2 years we've realized that our style is pretty minimalistic. While I love the look in others' homes, the idea of curtains is a little much in this house. It seems like the more streamline it is, the better it looks. The old mixed with the new.

This is how the room started off. The camera isn't exaggerating, it was really this dark.
I don't mind wood-colored trim, but it just brought this room down.

After the room's major renovation, we slapped this baby up for privacy. It was a good temporary fix while we figured out what we really wanted.
*Yes, we originally painted with semi-gloss. Lesson. Learned.

Hello ENJE Roller shade. It looks great, is cheap, and can be easily be trimmed to fit any window. I'm kind of obsessed with them. The material is sheer enough to let light in but still provides privacy at the same time.

Find out how to trim the blinds here (doorsixteen) or here (makingitlovely).

Hoot hoot.


  1. The ENJE shades look GREAT Laura!! Such an improvement over those mini-blinds. ;)

    (And that ottoman is fabulous!)

  2. Thank you, Anna! You made my day!!! :)