sunroom: possible lighting

We need to figure out which light would work best in the sunroom. We opted not put recess lighting in this room so there could be a large fixture instead. Meet the contenders:

Josh really likes the Luna Cord from Schoolhouse Electric. This company is amazing -- if you haven't been to their site do it. Now. Really, it's that good.

I like this guy from IKEA. It looks similar to the Luna Cord but is $75 less. I'm cheap like that.

An Industrial Pendant could also be very cool. But which color? We are already using a ton of yellow in the curtains. I don't really want to add to our white decor addiction.

The Otis 4 from Schoolhouse Electric looks very classic. But it would also be introducing another pattern into a small room.

So many good choices.


  1. Where are you planning on putting it-in the middle of the room???