dad's manual film camera

Let me just start out by saying that I know nothing about photography. And I really don't want to get too deep into it. I like the idea of knowing a few basic rules, taking a bunch of shots for fun, and a few of them coming out looking okay.

There are a few blogs I read that use film cameras and I always love this look the best. There's little you can do to screw around with a film picture after taking it. Pictures that look real, without crazy added colors and effects, look the best to me.

So my Dad has this manual Nikon that he hasn't used in awhile and brought it over last weekend. Out of 24 pictures, 6 came out okay. Not bad for my first try? Thanks for letting me borrow your camera, Dad.

My beautiful sister Emily:

Gross avocado pits (soon-to-be-trees?) that Josh insists on incubating on our window sill. This is love.

Had to get at least one flower picture. It could be much better, I know.

Well that's that. Much more to come.

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