spring break

We had big plans for spring break.
Big design plans for our bedroom that didn't (even close) happen. We had set aside days to help our parents move and fun-time for the weekend, but the remaining three days were going to be spent on our bedroom.
Then progress reports happened and other teacher-paperwork ... and we spent the entire time in front of our computer screens. And the house was a mess with papers and lists and binders and pens and dog toys.
So, as usual, our room gets put on the back burner. We're going to try to tackle it in some small weekend projects: paint, molding, figure out a wardrobe system, install closet door, buy rug, and paint the hallway.
We've realized that having an organized and beautiful space is a must. It needs to be somewhere we can go to at the end of the day and feel at peace. So this is next -- I'm putting it out there to the universe so it has to get done.

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