The last hurrah before the school year starts on Tuesday. Even though we work through the summer, September still feels like a big deal -- new students and a different schedule. Oh yeah, and grad classes pick back up again. 
So this weekend we did fun stuff but also cleaned/organized like crazy. We are having a yard sale this Saturday ... trying to get rid of anything we don't need or isn't functional. Every cd has been burned onto the ipod (no more cds!) and put all the dvds into an album to get rid of the cases. The entire second bedroom is filled with stuff to sell/donate. It feels so good to simplify.

Picture notes ...
1. margaritas and veggie wings at El Camino ... the best spot.
2. picture during cleaning.
3. ran down the street to soltane to get bread at the last minute.
4. one of my best friends had a baby -- she is amazing. The whole giving birth/newborn/mom thing really blows me away ... 
5. Josh's famous (to me) crepes. We dreamed of having a crepe party.

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