dinner: quiche

We are obsessed with this quiche. It's not a decadent quiche you would serve at a brunch ... it's a super-healthy, weeknight quiche. Instead of the typical recipes calling for cream ... cheese ... and a sugary crust, this one is make simply with eggs, greek yogurt, and a crust made with whole wheat flour, olive oil, & lemon.

I used this recipe from Kathleen as the base. But omitted the cheese and 2 Tbs of cream ... I substitute it with 1 Tbs of half and half. Just as good! I have made it both ways and you truly don't miss the omitted ingredients. Put in any veggies you want!

There is something about fall approaching that makes me a bit of a homebody. I concentrate on making the best of our new (read: busy) schedule while fighting to keep being healthy at the top of our list (read: no take-out). More on that later.

This time I put caramelized onions sautéed with mushroom and a chopped jersey tomato (why are nj tomatoes the best? THE BEST). 


  1. Always so hard to say goodbye to summer...but something about the crisp nights and fall weather that has you wanting to spend more time in the kitchen. Thank you for sharing all your recipes...I love reading your blog!!!

  2. Yes... Exactly! Thank you ... <3 you Turls