color-block pots

Things have been pretty busy around here lately. As far as the fresh start, it's been up and down. By far this past week was much better (and I felt much better). Just pushing myself to be intentional about eating (hello, actually cooking) and exercising made all the difference. I cut back on chocolate but didn't eliminate it completely. 
In between lots of family fun, we've been working on the bedroom. It is almost done ... really! The wardrobes are up, closets organized, room clean. Still need to-do: install lighting, put up the other curtain, and figure out the mirror situation. 
Okay ... enough blabbing. Now I know this has been blogged 1,000 times already, but these color-blocked pots make me so happy ... you don't even know. A cheap IKEA pot and some pink fluorescent spray pant ... I stare look at them everyday. I'm heading to the craft store to pick up more paint (aqua maybe?) to color-block my bedside stool. 

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