rehoboth, de

On our way back from Florida we decided a do-over vacation was in order. Nothing fancy ... just a trip that included the beach without a 103 degree fever and hurricane.
Josh had been to DE beaches as a kid but this was my first time. We immediately fell in love with Rehoboth. Our hotel was walking distance from the beach ... and situated right across the street from a vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurant! What makes a restaurant veg friendly? They list every single animal ingredient on the menu (even if the veggies were sauteed in just a teaspoon of butter ... they list it). And they ask you if your vegan or vegetarian upon entering ... just so they can steer you in the right direction. I really can't say enough good things about Hobos ... they do sexy things with vegetables. 
We ordered Eggplant Napoleon and a creole Buddha Bowl. 

Also, there was a couple there with a pretty big dog. I wanted him to crawl on my lap ... obviously. The owner let the dog wander around and here's the thing ... every table loved it. No one got annoyed that this dog was in their business. It was this moment sitting there petting this dog and eating the most delicious vegan food that I thought THESE ARE MY PEOPLE.

Oh, and then there was Dog Fish Head. Enough said.
And the beach. Enough said. 

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