winter break

Right now we are nearing the end of our winter break -- aka crunch time. The downstairs soon-to-be bathroom is being worked on and I'm trying to get the upstairs hallway in order.
It's really gloomy from all the snow -- but lots of coffee and taking pictures is helping me get through it. 
Speaking of taking pictures! I just ordered a new camera lens (thank you family!) which I am peeing my pants excited about.

Here are some pics from around the house. Things not seen: a mild construction-dust-induced temper tantrum(s), a chihuahua that wouldn't leave us alone, and lots of great family time. 

2. Bathroom drywallin'.
3. An air plant ornament that my friend Katy made ... I know, right?!
4. The "deer" that Josh made from cardboard ... it totally looks like it's from a kit! But no!
5. My desk -- after all the wrapping and presents were cleaned up. Finally.

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