oh amelia.

These are our listing photos.

I took these pictures in a rush Sunday morning -- right before we left for Florida. We had just come off 3 months of non-stop work to get the house ready, wrapped up grad classes, and finished with our kids before the summer program. We were exhausted and couldn't wait to get on the road. The "for sale" sign went up as we packed the car and drove off. We had no idea that an offer would come in 3 weeks and set everything in motion. 

My gratitude towards this house is hard to put into words. We fought to give it a second life, but in return it taught me more about myself than anything else ever has. That may seem crazy to say because it's a, you know, house. But we pulled all nighters working here, we answered the door on our first Halloween here with masks on -- not Halloween masks but breathing masks so we didn't die, we cried here, we laughed here, we danced here, we filled three dumpsters of demo here, our family and friends came for meals here, we swore we would never buy another fixer-upper here while we lovingly caulked every gap and crack. 

And then ...
Our family. Our family. Our family. 
They were here through it all -- countless days working on plumbing, drywall, electric, painting, moulding, etc. etc. etc. We never took them for granted -- and we always felt like the luckiest kids in the world. The time we spent together was beyond precious. I hope one day we can repay them for all the time, love, sweat, and patience they gave to us.

So here's to the new owners. We hope you love this place as much as we did. 


  1. I just keep telling myself... don't cry at work... don't cry at work.