bits and pieces of august

Josh left for Orlando August 10th and our closing wasn't until August 30th. After getting the house ready, he came back for a short visit and we tried to pack in as much as possible.
We weren't that frantic because we know we'll be back really soon (florida teachers have so much time off ...) but it was so nice to spend time with the people we love.
Our families (moms, dads, I love you!) and friends were there to help me the whole time ... half of it I walked around in circles not knowing what to do next. It felt so good finish the last of the house projects (aka painting our scary (as hell) basement with the most toxic paint you could ever come in contact with. Why did I waste my time cleaning my house with vinegar and baking soda!?)!
The week before Josh came back for closing I stayed in nj with my family. We had a wine and cheese party to send Kaitlin off to Italy which may have been the most delicious party ever. Over the next few days we moved Emily into her new dorm room and took Kaitlin to the airport. It was so fun to see them starting new adventures! The quiet time with my family was priceless. That's the thing about moving away -- when you come back it is uninterrupted time when you're not rushing back to your home to do this or that. You are just there and you're only job is to hang out.
We have been in Orlando for a week now ... more to come on that.
On another note, Sauce is seriously the best dog. I can't tell you how good he has been through all of this. After watching in disbelief as we carried his (our) bed out to the moving truck, to sleeping in a million different places, to not making a peep during the 18 hour car ride, he deserves doggie ice cream or something. 

Also ... I am having so much fun with my camera! I still have no idea what I'm doing but kids are the easiest (and my favorite) to photograph. It's such a different experience taking a kids picture as opposed to an adults because they are so blissfully unaware (or don't care) that someone is watching them. They are just totally themselves doing what they want to do. It is awesome. 

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