first week

We have been in Orlando for one week now. It has been a BLURE! All in all, we are so happy we chose this city. It has everything we are looking for! Just last weekend we took a city bike trail all the way to the Winter Park farmers market. We shopped around and ate some of the world's best empanadas. On Sunday we drove to a dog beach. After Sauce finally relaxed, it was the best day watching the dogs play in the water with their owners and seeing families lounging around with their pets. It was the perfect first weekend in our new home.

I'm planning on posting a ton of stuff about what we are up to. The ups and downs of getting to know a new neighborhood ... the challenges of living in a city. I really want to remember this time.

For now ... here are some first week observations ...
+ We drink way more water here. Way, way, more water.
+ I can spend an hour in Target and not hear one person speaking English (even on the employee walkie talkies) ... it's kind of refreshing.
+ Profusely sweating in public is 100% acceptable. No judging.
+ Everyone that you pass on the street (walking or biking) says "hi".
+ The only Disney paraphernalia I have seen was vintage Mickey shirts at Old Navy. I kind of want one.
+ I knew the summer sky here was beautiful ... but it's kind of ridiculous on a daily basis.
+ Orlando seems to be one of the only places that has lots of big trees (not just palms). It's very shady here and that it not the FL norm. 

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