three weeks

What are those pom poms? Well, they are part of my Holiday 2013 Wrapping Prototype (I just like saying that). I know it's September ... but I do this every year and it's so much fun. Josh doesn't even think it's weird anymore!

We are continuing to find a new "normal" for us. Making fitness a priority (I will talk more about this), setting aside time for hobbies (I will talk more about this too), and being outside as much as possible. We started this weekend with a trip to our local yoga studio and then a breakfast spot a block down. It feels nice to be apart of a neighborhood. And everyone is SO nice! Not creepy nice, but genuinely nice and happy. We are still working on getting our apartment set-up ... I have to iron-hem a million (8) curtains.

One major thing that has really stuck out to us -- we aren't frantic about the weather anymore. It's no secret that we are obsessed with the weather/being outside. But the difference is that when we have a nice day here ... we just say "Oh wow, it's beautiful. It's going to be nice tomorrow too. And for the next 7 months." Living up North we were always in this mindset of "Oh it's so nice I need to stay outside every minute of today because it will never be this nice again wow it's so nice". Yep.

Weekly observations:
+ It is the last week of September ... all the gardening stores have signs that say "Plant your veggies now!"
+ I tried to find a local "pick your own" farm. There are a bunch ... but their "season" doesn't start till the end of November.
+ For as hot as the days are, the evening totally makes up for it. There is this breeze and coolness in the air. We have been biking or running every night. Sauce prefers running and generally acting like a maniac.
+ There is a major ant (and other bugs ... so we've heard) issue. When we talk about it people say "Well, it's Florida!" Tropic problems.
+ Everything here is so close. All of our errands can be done with in a mile of our house. We do have to drive to the mall/ikea but it's less than 10 minutes away.
+ I used to HATE going to the grocery store for a few items ... like if I forgot something ... or didn't plan for one dinner. Now I LOVE it. The publix is so cute and it puts me in the best mood. Plus there is always a nice police officer there (wtf?).
+ This week I discovered Hobby Lobby. I will never go to another craft store again.
+ There are 7-8 cats that sleep under Josh's car at night. They are slowly driving Sauce crazy.
+ People complain about mosquitoes but I haven't seen one (and we are outside all the time)! At our old place we'd get bit up like crazy.

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