breakfast: bread

Without fail, every time Sunday rolls around we jump into nesting mode. It's the day that the sheets get washed, kitchen gets a scrub, meals are planned, fridge gets stocked, etc. It really helps our week run smoothly. By the time we get home from work, nobody feels like doing any of that stuff.

For awhile I've been wanting to nail down some breakfast staples. I hate eating cereal ... I'm hungry 30 minutes later always. Some days we make breakfast sandwiches, but it's hard to know if we'll have enough time. Here's where the magical breakfast bread comes into play ... 
It's super healthy and non-sugary. We eat it with french vanilla yogurt or greek yogurt for a protein boost. But be forewarned ... if you are looking for a sweet bread like traditional banana or pumpkin bread, this is not it. Pairing it with yogurt actually seems to add some sweetness though. I loosely follow these two recipes -- trail mix bread and oatmeal breakfast bread
For the trail mix bread I basically just throw in any dried fruits I have, omit the sugar (I use the honey though), and omit the dark chocolate. It has the best coconut flavors! 
For the oatmeal breakfast bread I put 1/4 cup of brown sugar (instead of 1 cup) for two loaves.

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