one month

This is what life looks like lately ... not pictured: working our buns off at school. Starting in a new classroom is no joke and takes a ton of overtime. Weekdays right now are a blur ... except for a bike ride or walk at the end of the day. It's funny to see how our kids handle the weather -- the heat is no big deal to them. Also, when it starts to rain, people don't seem to notice ... they just stay outside and play/go about their business. 
The weekends are another story! Weekends feel like vacation.
Our uncle works at disney on the weekend and our aunt is a disney expert (seriously) -- we got major hook-ups! It's so great to go with them because she knows just what to do/where to do ... we don't have to think about a thing.
We are trying to tie up some loose ends at the apartment this weekend. I want to post some pics next week. It's hard to make a newer-construction apt. look good :). 

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