fall: part two

Randomly throughout the city there are trees that look fall-ish. The rest are thick, green, huge, and tropical. This weekend we picked out some plants for our front stoop. Josh couldn't believe that I wanted a mum -- I guess he is right. Why have mums when you can grow lemons and limes? It is so much fun to be outside at our house. I never wear shoes ... even though there are lizards and bugs everywhere. We hung out at Stardust for a little and it seems like the best place to get good drinks.
On another note ... this has actually been the worst week ever. I had some major tooth stuff going on (what else is new?!) and was in major pain constantly. Josh was basically an angel ... doing everything for me and generally putting up with the drama. By Thursday I had two root canals and thankfully, this weekend feel mostly normal and can get back to life. 
On a happy note my mom is coming next weekend! We couldn't be more excited. It's going to be such a great weekend ... and Sauce is going to go nuts when he sees her.

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