mom weekend!

This weekend my Mom came to visit. We were beyond excited to see her and show her around our new home. She's here until Tuesday so we tried to pack just enough into the weekend. I want to remember all the little things we did -- it was so much fun to experience the city with my momma! 
After picking her up from the airport Josh made his special crepes that she loves. We drove over to Winter Park, walked around, and of course made a stop at La Empanada and Le Macaron. After dinner we checked out the jazz festival that just-so-happened to be going on down the street from our house. Sunday morning started off with Christos, our favorite breakfast spot in College Park. Next came Leu Gardens which was more beautiful than we could have imagined! It was so crazy to see all the tropical plants ... such a relaxing place. After walking a few miles it was cocktail time and Stardust's fresh cocktails never disappoint. Tomorrow night we plan to take a walk around Lake Eola ... too pretty not to see on your first trip here. The best part is we didn't go more than 15 minutes from our house. This was actually the most beautiful weather yet -- we basically lived outside and got to open up all our windows in the apartment.
This weekend really hit home how amazing/different it is to have family visit when you live far away. It is such relaxed, quality, focused time. So much better than a rushed dinner here or there.
We hope you had as much fun as we did, Mom! I (we) love you so much!


  1. Wow- Beautiful pictures Laura!! Now that you took me to all your hot spots, I can pull up a vision and see the places you are talking about!!. You both (all 3) treated me like a queen and I came home truly relaxed!! Love you guys so much and look forward to our next trip (wilth Dad!!)

  2. I love these pics.. your hair is getting so long! I love to see it down, you is beautiful!! Looks like you guys had a great time and you are wearing SHORTS!!!!!!!!! what?! Miss you oodles.

  3. Thanks Momma! We are so glad you had a good time!!! Love you!
    Tashi -- you are the sweetest. I miss you sooo much. Can't wait to see you NEXT MONTH! Yes... every day shorts!