There always seems to be something going on here. And everything is so close! Last night it cooled down and we walked around lake eola. We've always loved pennsylvania because it's beautiful, but we have never lived so close to a place(s) like this. People are running, walking their dogs, taking pictures, kids playing, picnicking. We day dreamed about doing this same walk around the lake during the winter. 
Things are starting to feel more familiar -- this street turns into that street, that pharmacy is better, we could bike to that place, etc. 
Afterwards we realized how close we were to Tasty Tuesday -- a weekly food truck meet up. So weird to be out and about on a school night!

We are still trying to get our apartment put together. I need to make an ikea trip to get some lights, curtains, and other random things. There are empty boxes everywhere since we are trying to recycle them in shifts (only so many fit at a time). I will take pictures of it soon.

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