dinner: summer pasta

This pasta is so good. And really easy to make.
Saute zucchini, 2 jalapeno peppers, and lots of garlic in 3-ish tbs of olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Once zucchini is cooked, add lime juice (2 large limes), 3/4 c parsley, 1/2 c mint, 1/4 c basil. Add pasta and 3 tbs of olive oil. Lastly, add a good sprinkling of cheese (any parm, pecorino, or locatelli) and some chopped walnuts (toasted). **reserve some of the pasta cooking water just in case you need it at the end (I only needed about 1/4 cup). Enjoy!


  1. This looks amazing. I am going to make it for dinner tonight!!

  2. I'm trying this! trying to do at least 1 vegetarian meal a week. I need to give you one we made recently -- pasta, mushrooms, asparagus and walnuts w/ a mascarpone cheese sauce