All we did on the Florida vacation was swim, sit, eat, and repeat x 1082097. It was wonderful and just what we needed. But on the 21 hour drive home we thought we should go on an adventure... you know, to break things up a bit. Well, adding about 3 hours onto our trip for a Georgetown Cupcake(s --let's be honest) was beyond worth it. They were unbelievable and plans have already been discussed for the next trip back to Georgetown... to get more cupcakes.

I've watched DC Cupcakes on TLC since it started -- the little shop (and the old one around the corner) was just as charming as we imagined. It was our first trip to Georgetown and it was amazing how many cool things are squeezed into a little area. Definitely worth a few more day trips.


Red Velvet, Chocolate Ganache

Toffee (best one), Red Velvet

And guess what?! CB2 was right down the street from Georgetown Cupcakes! We have been dreaming (dorks) of actually going to a CB2 store (instead of stalking their sight). Pretty much heaven.

And sang all the way home... while trying to eat cupcakes on I-95...

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