It's been a super busy week for Josh as he's trying to finish up paperwork so he can move into his new classroom in September. We are so glad it's Friday.

Remember this toilet roll guy? He looks pretty good in this shot. Especially with those fancy yellow pieces.

Wah Wah. He got swallowed up by this huge white wall.

The solution? Make him bigger! Now I'm just waiting on more rolls (that means you, mom and dad!). And of course I had to put this together on the middle of the living room floor...

We've been collecting these Ribba Frames for the dining room. Now that we have a few they're going up on the wall. Just need to find a good formation... but there's not much pressure since we will be adding many more.

Happy Friday!


  1. I love your blog - I love that you post so much! Your decorating style rocks! So different from mine, yet I love it so much! :-)

  2. Thank you, Dawn! You are so encouraging! It means so much!