We first discovered gimme! coffee during a trip to Ithaca to see The Flaming Lips. We stopped at The Carriage House, a little breakfast place in town, on our way home.

When I got my cup of coffee and took a sip, I realized it was the most amazing cup of coffee I have ever tasted. We asked the staff what their secret was: gimme! coffee. Our lives would never be the same.

Fast forward a few months and we took our parents to the same Cafe. They felt exactly the same... it must be a magical bean! And on their recent trip to Ithaca they brought us some back...

It's so easy to order online! You can also read there about their amazing company.


  1. Why do you not bring this coffee to work to share with your very good coffee loving friend?

  2. because it's a good holiday gift for a coffee loving friend... hint hint :)