bedroom: sneak peak

The bedroom is slowly taking shape. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it could be my favorite room in the house. Since buying the place we've poured all our energy into the first floor -- you know, so we could actually have people over. In turn our room went totally neglected.
The vision is so have a space we could walk into at the end of the day and feel totally at peace. Clutter-free, clean (ie. no tools allowed ... I've had a putty knife sitting on my window sill for months), & organized. 

Still to-do:
+ finish assembling the ikea wardrobes
+ organize clothes into wardrobes 
+ install the lighting
+ finish painting the molding
+ make curtain rods from black pipes
+ final coat of paint on brick
+ finish Josh's side-shelf
+ figure out mirror situation

Ps. I'm obsessed with the herringbone rug.

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