part three: naples

For us, Naples is everything we could want in a vacation. Quiet, beach, pool.
Unless of course you get phenomena ... like me. I started to feel a little funny our last day in Orlando -- by the next morning I had a fever and couldn't really talk/breath but was still delusion-ally calling family members asking for help (sorry Mom & Aunt Karen!). High fevers really don't bring out the best in me.
I just wanted to get to my Grandma's place so I could lay on the couch. Little did I know I'd be on that couch for four days with a fever that wouldn't let up. An entire day was spent at an immediate medical clinic where I got some stronger meds. The last two days of the trip were really nice ... we spent them at the beach (and when the hurricane winds got too strong ...) at the pool. Some vacations really don't go according to plan -- but at least we were able to get away. On the last night we went on a boat tour ... one of the best things to do while in Naples. This is how I want to remember our trip.

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