cloth napkins. POW!

I've been wanting to paint some cloth napkins (thanks for the napkins, mom & dad) for awhile now -- so while watching lots of quality reality TV ... I did! Watching a Real Housewives marathon isn't really that bad if your doing something while you watch it, right?
The paint is an aqua color from the Martha Stewart Line (from Michaels). I used basic painters tape to cover the areas that I didn't want painted. Simple as that. I only did one coat -- so it wouldn't feel stiff and would look a bit imperfect.
Josh makes this french toast ... I don't even like french toast and this is my favorite breakfast. I'll have to post the recipe sometime.
We are working on our bedroom today -- painting the walls and caulking/painting the molding. We finally picked up a wardrobe from IKEA, among a few other things. Can't wait to get this done!

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